"Lotto-Magic - The Smart Guide
To Winning The Lottery"


"Divide the 44 numbers in the NSW Lottery into two groups of 22 -
This guarantees all 8 winning numbers somewhere in your entry."

"Play a system that ensures all 4-number combinations are covered
for each set of 22 - and you must start with at least
4 winning numbers together every single week you play!"

This is how our Syndicate achieved at least
a minor win every week in NSW Lotto.

It is a 100-coupon entry and costs just over $300 in
NSW Lotto, in its most basic form (We play an
expanded version, explained in the book).


The International Version covers:
The UK Lottery, The Canadian Lottery
Plus ANY Lottery based on 49 balls

Eventually ALL Lotteries will be covered
Please e-mail us if you wish to be put on the
Waiting List for YOUR Lottery.

  • Note the systems only guarantee you START with a minor win every week - progress beyond four winning numbers is down to Lady Luck.
  • They do not guarantee First Prize, nor do they guarantee a profit.
  • BUT - you cannot get all six winning numbers
    without first getting four!

The systems in this book are for SYNDICATES ONLY.
(Lottery Clubs in the USA)

The Three Questions I am continually asked …..

1. "Why don't we play ALL the combinations?
That way we must win First Division!"

Yes, we certainly will. And almost certainly end up bankrupt!
In a 45-ball Lottery (eg, Oz Lotto, Saturday Lotto), there are 8,145,060 different ways to combine 6 numbers. For Oz Lotto,
that means paying out over $8 million to win just over $1 million!
If Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $10 Million, we might make a profit of $2 million. But, if there are two winners, we lose $3 million.

Respect the Lottery organisers. They know what they are doing.
The game has been organised to prevent you playing
all combinations and ending up with a profit .

2. "Then why not play all the 5-number combinations? That way we need only one more number
for First Division."

Not a bad idea, but still too expensive. A mathematician will tell
you there are over one million 5-number combinations from 45 numbers. However, there is a little-known technique that guarantees at least 5 winning numbers together in only 130,000 games.

At $0.40 a game for Saturday SuperDraws, it still costs
almost $60,000 to pay. The logistics involved in organising
such an entry are so horrendous that I will only sell this
secret to Newsagents for a SuperDraw -they have the
potential to put together a Syndicate of this size.

3. "Then why don't we play all the
4-number combinations?"

Now we are beginning to get into the realms of reality.
LottoMasta's secret matrix can guarantee at least FOUR
winning numbers every single week in only 3,350 games -
a dramatic reduction from the 8,145,060 games required
to guarantee all 6 numbers. At a cost of around $1,500,
it is a sensible Syndicate entry we play in a Saturday
SuperDraw - but not on a regular weekly basis.

Below this level, there are several excellent techniques for
ensuring a win of some kind every single week your
Syndicate plays, at a reasonable cost. The rest of the
book is dedicated to sharing these secrets with you.

BE WARNED - we can guarantee a win
every week, but getting to First Prize
still requires a massive amount of luck.

Follow the golden rules:
share the cost with others in a Syndicate /
Lotto Club, play with money you can
afford to lose and keep it fun!

 Winning the lottery - The Smart Guide

160 Pages, including 14 different Systems and a Statistics section.
  $65 + p&p .

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